My First Moleskine


I've been full of a cold since last night, so today thought I would make a little trip to town for a little pick me up; I came back with my first Moleskin. Here it is:

My New Moleskine Notebook
My boyfriend has a lot of these notebooks, but to be honest I've never really seen the big attraction.  Well, that is until today when I saw this little red one. I've definitely fallen in love with it, the paper is awesome quality and cover has a lovely feel. I also love the cute little pocket at the back. 
The sheet around the notebook states:

Ruled Notebook
192 lined pages, acid - free paper,
9 x 14 cm - 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 ",
expandable inner pocket.
The history of Moleskin is inside.

I have looked at my boyfriends Moleskines before, but they are all black and have plain paper in. I think this is the reason why I have never been overly keen, they just seemed a little, dare I say it, dull. This one however I think is so cute and has definitely cheered me up, for me ruled note paper is much more practical as I'm not a big drawer and find it hard to keep my writing straight with no ruled paper. 
I still think that the price is fairly steep, and don't think I will be buying another one too soon, but for now I'm loving my new notepad. Here are some more picture of it: 

Moleskin Notepad

Moleskine Stamp On Inside Front Cover

Ruled Note Paper - 192 sheets
The Back Expandable Pouch With Moleskine History Sheet
Hope you like my post, if you do please comment and follow, I love hearing about other peoples stationary thoughts and ideas as much as I do writing my posts :). Thanks.

Jess. xx

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